Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ice Cream Anytime

Ice cream probably isn't high on the list of desserts when the mercury begins to fall. But stop! Hold the apple pie, pear tarte tatin, bread pudding and fruit cobbler. Yes, yes...those hot out of the oven, warming the soul (and belly) when it turns chilly outdoors fall time favorites. And, all perfectly suited for any autumnal menu. That is unless, its Mora Ice Cream. http://www.moraicecream.com/home.php
Just a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island from Seattle, a brisk walk from the ferry terminal and a right turn heading towards the farmer's market lawn; and just as your nose begins to turn red from the chill in the air; you're there.
We stumbled upon Mora on a weekend outing. I ordered a scoop of the dark chocolate with mint and Luke tried the hazelnut. It was like Adam and Eve biting into the apple. Our eyes were opened to what true rich artisan ice cream should take like. We savored every bite, and each demanded the other to try our flavor as "the best," only wanting each other to experience what was happening inside our own mouth.
Among the sleek modern lines, stain steel pots and pristine matted mouthwatering photography of what is chilling behind the counter, you can choose from flavors such as Saba yon, Marron Glace, Dulce le Leche, White Chocolate, Blueberry and Green Tea...just to name a few!

Only the freshest ingredients go into this decadent wonderment which has butter fat than manufactured ice creams (that's the secret I'm told), making this artisan ice cream quite possibly the best - or one of them - ice creams around. I'll even go as far as saying that its rich, round, velvety, intense flavor rivals Italian (yes the kind you find from the stands in Firenze) gelato. It's that good!

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Mermaid

Every day driving to and from Bellevue, Greyson and I pass by the temple of homogenized, globalized, Americanized corporate coffee - the Starbuck's headquarters building. After several weeks here, I've learned that this is the Mermaid building. Why is that you ask? High atop the tower of the massive complex, on all four sides, is the top half of the green-logoed face embellished on everything Starbucks. Her green eyes over looking Seattle make certain we have our daily intake of lattes, cappuccinos and other indulgent caffeinated beverages. Ever read the Great Gatsby? I'm a grande-soy-latte fan, and every time I order one now, I think about those green eyes and theorize why they didn't choose to put her whole face on the tower. Now, if you're thinking I'm being over the top here and that this is a mere coincidence, consider this other literary reference. In Moby Dick, Starbuck is the coffee drinking first mate! Just a thought to ponder over your favorite cup o' joe.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sugar Rush!

Greyson enjoys a cupcake from Verite before heading to the West Seattle Farmer's market.