Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walla Walla Wine Trip

Want to visit a wine region where the wine makers still pour in the tasting rooms even if they've been featured in popular food and wine magazines, or recognized by industry awards?
Where passion for wine isn't about being pretentious, but about experiencing the region through every sip in your glass and the food on your plate?
Then visit Walla Walla. We recently returned from a wine trip in Washington's Walla Walla region.
Below is list of some of the best places we found:

K Vintners - by far the best Syrah!

Brasserie Four - seasonally fresh with inventive wine menu!

Guests make their wine selection from the bottles on the shelf and fridge and take to their table!

Spring Valley - no denying the rich heritage of this spirited western family's consistently rated red wines

Woodward Canyon - social savvy, talk with the folks at woodward via twitter at @woodwardcanyon!

L'Ecole - committed to sustainable practices - and making yummy wine too!

Foundry Vineyards - where Squire Broel combines art and wine in a harmonious balance for the senses