Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greyson is thankful for Bunny! We're thankful for our friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We'll be spending our time with Luke's parents who will be traveling down from DC. It will be the first time in a long time, that Luke does not have to work the Friday after Turkey day. Hooray!

We're very excited that it's Greyson's first Thanksgiving, she may just get a bite of turkey and mashed potatoes!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Robert move over, Patty has come to town

For year's now, we've been singing the praises of Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir. It seems like just yesterday we were discovering this full-bodied California wine.

We've watched its price point increase from $15 per bottle to a well deserved $30, not mind paying more; watched it disappear from wine merchants shelves, tracking it down and running across town to buy that last bottle as it became harder to find as it gained popularity, and we visited the vineyard "homeland" in Napa Valley twice. Forget about the movie that put Pinot Noir en vogue, we were the true Burgundy lovers before Hollywood made the grape trendy in city bistros.

As such, it must be said that you all have graciously I endured us bringing countless bottles of Robert Sinskey Pinot to holiday dinners and weekend getaways. Ordering it off the wine menus time-and-time again when we discovered it on the list. To that, we say thank you.

But recently, we've discovered a new Pinot, that dare I say it, may take Robert's place in our home cellar. Is this true you ask? Which wine could it be?

Let me tell you how it all happened...

The husband of a colleague of mine, owns a wine shop here in Richmond. She also happens to live in our neighborhood, so occasionally we car pool together. On this particular night as we were riding together, she needed to stop at her husband's shop before heading home. Perfect! We needed a few bottles (ok, ok, not a few, it was more like six) of wine for guests who were coming into town for the weekend.

We we walked in, there was a tasting. Fate, coincidence...It didn't matter. The wine was being poured and we were there, so of course I had a taste.

One of the wines being tasted, was Patricia Green Pinot Noir, or more affectionately called by the staff: Patty G.

Now, I could go on with lots of great wine descriptions about how wonderful this wine is, but I've decided to let Patricia Green's Web site do that. That's why I've posted a link on our "wine of the week" link. Let's face it, you need to taste it. Serioulsy, before word gets out about how fantastic it is, and before it's hard to find...quick, grab your coat, your wallet, your keys and drive to your nearest wine shop. Buy a bottle and try it!

Move over Robert, Patty is our new house pour!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Provencal Workout

Towards the end of my freshman year of high school my French teacher, Georganne Brennan, announced she would not be returning next year. She wanted to pay more attention to her seed company based just outside of Napa Valley. Little did I know at that time, she was not only friends with famed California chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, but that years later while on the stair master in Richmond, Virginia I would be reading about her in Conde Nast Travel Magazine.

One afternoon with sweat running down my forehead, I was climbing the stairs to nowhere while flipping through the magazine. Wanting to be anyplace but the gym, I tried to loose myself in the articles, when there infront of me was a postcard perfect picture of a rustic Provencal farm, goats and hens nibbling at the ground, a long farm table with country white linens covered with pottery, red wine bottles and trays of fresh cheeses, breads and all things French. A perfect setting to get lost in. As my eyes studied this al fresco setting, I noticed a woman sitting at the table in a long cotton skirt, short blunt cut salt and peper hair with a fuzzy yellow cat perched in her lap. To my surprise, it was my, yes MY high school French teacher, Madame Brennan.

It became the workout I don't remember. I could have stepped my way up the Empire State building. I read the entire article, getting lost in stories about her multi-million dollar seed company and how she's now hosting cooking enthusiasts to her farm in the south of France. Teaching her students the art of potager. Yes! I have that cookbook! Potager!

Well, Luke and I pulled out that cookbook recently. We picked out a recipe that is now going to be an autumn staple in our home - casseoluet! We'll be eating it for weeks I'm afraid, but it's WELL worth it! Too bad Greyson can eat the duck and beans yet!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Our little pumpkin

Who ever said life was suposed to slow down when you have a baby was and is - wrong! I can't believe Greyson is more than six-months-old now. Here she is with her first pumpkin! Her big milestones: rolling around the room, giving hugs and kisses (as best she knows how), and eating eating eating!!!! Her adventures never stop. And neither do mommy's and daddy's.

It's been two weeks since my week long client trip in New York. Next week, I'm off to Philadelphia for a day trip. So much to do, but I wouldn't change it. Lots of fun stuff is on the cusp of being unveiled and I wish I could tell you all...mostly work related...sorry to leave you hanging...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow - have we been busy! Humm, let's see, where do I begin???
Let me give you a quick run down, with photos to follow next week. Here's the short version: weekend to Farmville: visit Greenfront furniture with Grandmere and Grandpere. Found nothing but an adorable needlepoint rug for Greyson's room, a quaint cafeteria with yummy carrot cake and lots of tobacco warehouses full of cheesy furniture that would only be found in a cookie-cutter model home. Luke made roasted lamb shanks for dinner - yum!

weekend to Charlottesville: bad news;truck broke down. goodnews; wonderful weekend wine tasting, hitting the downtown mall, Greyson met auntie Kate and uncle Houdin for the first time at The Clifton Inn for a fantastic anniversary (we all did the tasting menu) dinner - happy anniversary Kate and Houdin!!!!

weekend with Nana: Arriving Thursday evening, Nana drove cross-country to visit Greyson...and spoil her rotten!!! Greyson's feet never touched the ground from the moment Nana walked through the front door - lots of snuggles....I believe it all started with Greyson's new favorite toy from Kentucky's Equestrian Park. We toured Richmond, taking Nana to all Richmond has to offer - well, taking her to the places she hasn't seen on her last visits of course.

Now: in NewYork for the week for a big client event - The America's No. 1 Hourly Worker contest to be judged by the season 1 winner of NBC's "The Apprentice," Bill Rancic. We've had great media pick-up in the five finalists local markets, now let's home for national coverage! Potential media on the horizon, lets keep those fingers crossed.

This weekend: Baby Halloween party & pumpkin carving - I think!!! But, we'll keep you posted - and post those pictures too! Lots of cute ones to come with Greyson's first Halloween pumpkin!

Monday, October 09, 2006


We're back and rested from our fabulous trip to Edinburgh. We can't believe it only rained once the entire time we were there.

We met Emma and James at the Newark airport. Isabella and Greyson met for the first time. It wasn't a picture perfect greeting, but luckily the two babies warmed up to one another quickly.

Prior to our 7 o'clock flight, we ate dinner and enjoyed catching up inside an airport restaurant. I think the other patrons were happy when the table of four and two babies left. :)

The flight to Edinburgh went quickly. The ladies in the back of the plane (two rows all to themselves with complimentary wine from the crew) and the men in the front - first class all the way. Quite nice to be friends with flight attendants!

Once we landed, a car service picked us up and took us to Mark and Mary's home until our apartment in Stockbridge was ready. We took it easy most of Friday, exploring the neighborhood and eating lunch at a local pub. That night was a family dinner with lots of food, wine and conversation.

Early Saturday morning, we took a stroll to Princess Street eating as many croissants and pastries as possible along the way!

That afternoon, a few touristy things, lunch w/ Emma's parents and visit to the Scottish Royal Academy for an exhibit by Robert Mueck. Try to find this exhibit on the Web if you can. It was incredible!!!! We also ran into a Scottish independence parade - quite interesting comments from the British spectators. Saturday evening was a festive family dinner at a restaurant just around the corner from M&M's. Again, lots of food, wine and toasts for the occasion.

Sunday morning, the entire family walked to The Church of the Good Shepherd for the christening. I think we're all now fond of the hymn "there are hundreds and thousands and millions of flowers, and God knows everyone of them, and God knows me." The service was geared toward the children if you get the picture! As the godparents, we participated in the ceremony as all the children were invited to the cauldron where the priest sprinkled water on Isabella's forward. It was perfect!

Then back to the house...etc. etc. I don't want to bore you with every detail...Monday was sightseeing again and Tuesday we left for home...this time, the girls were in the front!

You've seen the photos, but here's a link to the professional photographer's photos that were taken on Sunday - and type duecy123 as the password.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rock Lobster

Our little crustacean!

Brunch at the Steins

Grey poses with Daddy in her new dress and shoes. We were all getting ready for brunch with the Steins. Mommy and Daddy were looking forward to friends, food and Mimosas! Grey was looking forward to playing with Cole!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bruno vs. The Chicken

After many vet visits to our regular vet, trying to identify why his skin was bumpy, we took Bruno to a veterinarian dermitologist. Apparently, Bruno is allergic to chicken. He's now on a blend of venison and potato dry food...which he LOVES! What we didn't know, is that most dog foods, especially the high-end brands, contain chicken. We went from Iams to Canadae's, all to find out the chicken is the culprit. No more poultry for this boy!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Welcome to Duecy Spot!
Find out what we're up to and what we're planning on next. But, most of all, find out how we're living up to our family motto: live well, travel far, taste everything!

Bunny Bathtime

Greyson poses in her bunny bath towel!

Mario in our kitchen

Luke received the new Mario Batalli cook book for his birthday. I think I lucked out more with this present! When I walked in the door Friday night, I was greeted with the aroma of braised Lamb shanks and eggplants simmering in olive oil. Luke suprised me with a fabulous dinner, all thanks to Mario. Eggplant bruschetta, sauteed oyster mushrooms over fresh spaghetti and arugla, and lamb shanks with olives and oranges. The wine: we started with a Chianti Classico with the bruschetta and pasta secondi. For the main course: a Lytton Springs Zinfandel was the perfect accompaniment. Just the right amount of pepper and fruit! It's our wine pick of the week! Find it, try it!