Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow - have we been busy! Humm, let's see, where do I begin???
Let me give you a quick run down, with photos to follow next week. Here's the short version: weekend to Farmville: visit Greenfront furniture with Grandmere and Grandpere. Found nothing but an adorable needlepoint rug for Greyson's room, a quaint cafeteria with yummy carrot cake and lots of tobacco warehouses full of cheesy furniture that would only be found in a cookie-cutter model home. Luke made roasted lamb shanks for dinner - yum!

weekend to Charlottesville: bad news;truck broke down. goodnews; wonderful weekend wine tasting, hitting the downtown mall, Greyson met auntie Kate and uncle Houdin for the first time at The Clifton Inn for a fantastic anniversary (we all did the tasting menu) dinner - happy anniversary Kate and Houdin!!!!

weekend with Nana: Arriving Thursday evening, Nana drove cross-country to visit Greyson...and spoil her rotten!!! Greyson's feet never touched the ground from the moment Nana walked through the front door - lots of snuggles....I believe it all started with Greyson's new favorite toy from Kentucky's Equestrian Park. We toured Richmond, taking Nana to all Richmond has to offer - well, taking her to the places she hasn't seen on her last visits of course.

Now: in NewYork for the week for a big client event - The America's No. 1 Hourly Worker contest to be judged by the season 1 winner of NBC's "The Apprentice," Bill Rancic. We've had great media pick-up in the five finalists local markets, now let's home for national coverage! Potential media on the horizon, lets keep those fingers crossed.

This weekend: Baby Halloween party & pumpkin carving - I think!!! But, we'll keep you posted - and post those pictures too! Lots of cute ones to come with Greyson's first Halloween pumpkin!

Monday, October 09, 2006


We're back and rested from our fabulous trip to Edinburgh. We can't believe it only rained once the entire time we were there.

We met Emma and James at the Newark airport. Isabella and Greyson met for the first time. It wasn't a picture perfect greeting, but luckily the two babies warmed up to one another quickly.

Prior to our 7 o'clock flight, we ate dinner and enjoyed catching up inside an airport restaurant. I think the other patrons were happy when the table of four and two babies left. :)

The flight to Edinburgh went quickly. The ladies in the back of the plane (two rows all to themselves with complimentary wine from the crew) and the men in the front - first class all the way. Quite nice to be friends with flight attendants!

Once we landed, a car service picked us up and took us to Mark and Mary's home until our apartment in Stockbridge was ready. We took it easy most of Friday, exploring the neighborhood and eating lunch at a local pub. That night was a family dinner with lots of food, wine and conversation.

Early Saturday morning, we took a stroll to Princess Street eating as many croissants and pastries as possible along the way!

That afternoon, a few touristy things, lunch w/ Emma's parents and visit to the Scottish Royal Academy for an exhibit by Robert Mueck. Try to find this exhibit on the Web if you can. It was incredible!!!! We also ran into a Scottish independence parade - quite interesting comments from the British spectators. Saturday evening was a festive family dinner at a restaurant just around the corner from M&M's. Again, lots of food, wine and toasts for the occasion.

Sunday morning, the entire family walked to The Church of the Good Shepherd for the christening. I think we're all now fond of the hymn "there are hundreds and thousands and millions of flowers, and God knows everyone of them, and God knows me." The service was geared toward the children if you get the picture! As the godparents, we participated in the ceremony as all the children were invited to the cauldron where the priest sprinkled water on Isabella's forward. It was perfect!

Then back to the house...etc. etc. I don't want to bore you with every detail...Monday was sightseeing again and Tuesday we left for home...this time, the girls were in the front!

You've seen the photos, but here's a link to the professional photographer's photos that were taken on Sunday - and type duecy123 as the password.