Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Countdown to SOBE

The countdown has begun - only 22 more days until Wine Spectator's South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Friends, food and fabulous wine all rolled into one weekend. Isn't that what life is all about? Check out what's in store We'll have a full report of course upon our return!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Norovirus - got us

We were down for the count...but not for long! The Norovirus swept through Richmond. Being the good community supporters we are, we did our part. Over and over and over, or so it seemed. Bruno was the only health one in the house for a while. Here you can see poor little Greyson with her red-kissed nose just before the worst of it hit.
We lost a few L-Bs, but had more than enough to spare. On the mend and making a full recovery, home renovations will soon be back in full swing. The painting upstairs is almost complete. There are a few more touch ups in the master bathroom. The crown molding has been installed in the kitchen and as soon as the weather warms, it will be window trim. Grab your paint brush! We're thinking we may buy stock in Lowes at this point! Nothing keeps us down for long.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

2007 is upon us!

A new year in a new city is ahead. There are a lot of anticipated adventures for us in 2007, but no change in our family motto!

Here's a glance at what's in store for the year ahead:

Jan - Celebrate the New Year
Greyson visits the zoo
Lonnie gets married to Miss Brazil
Look out New York!
Feb - South Beach Food and Wine Fest (we're looking forward to tasting more than 200 wines!)
Jules comes to the East Coast to visit her cousin for the first time
Mar - A new city!
Aprl - Happy Birthday Greyson - a whole year!
May - Getting settled
Summer - New adventures TBA
Sept - Hitting the wine trail
Oct - Spooky
Nov - Happy Birthday Bruno - two years!
Dec - Santa's anticipated arrival