Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Supper of 2008

So, if it were your last day on earth, what would be served at your last supper? Who would you want to share this meal with; family, friends, celebrities? Or would you want to be alone with your own thoughts? Would there be music or the simple sounds of nature; conversation or just quiet reflection?
Even if you're not a foodie, you'll love this book.
At first glance, it looks like a beautiful photo essay of some of the worlds most prestigious chefs. But, its surprisingly personal and at times touching. These chefs have tasted and drank of the finest culinary pleasures this world has to offer. Yet, the entries weren't precocious or smug. Instead, they revealed candid reflections of comfort food, dining pleasures, favorite wines, and the overall simplistic nature what food is to them and who they enjoy sharing it with.
Open the book - and ask yourself...